Who is eligible?
  Any entity that can issue tax-exempt securities.
What are the benefits?
  There are many benefits to tax-exempt leasing.
What can be leased?
  Almost anything considered essential to daily operations can be leased.
What are the steps?
  We make the process as effortless as possible.

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What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to tax-exempt leasing:

Financial Benefits

  • No down payment is required.
  • Lower rates available - Interest income is exempt from federal taxes, therefore, lower financing rates may be available, resulting in lower payments.
  • Hedge against inflation - buy now at today's low interest rates before prices rise.
  • Builds equity.

Operating Benefits

  • It is not considered debt.
  • For municipalities, it is part of the operating budget - Only the current years' payment is in the operating budget.
  • Enables you to replace obsolete or maintenance intensive equipment.
  • Can be implemented quickly since voter approval is not required.
  • Risk is low - For municipalities, the funds for payments are subject to annual budgetary appropriations. If funds are not appropriated, the municipality has the right to terminate the lease without penalty.
  • Lessee takes title - Typically, the Lessee takes title to the equipment at the beginning of the lease. The Lessor takes a security interest in the equipment as collateral.


  • Can be used for large and small projects.
  • Can be used for new, used and refurbished equipment.
  • Flexible terms available (1-15 years, annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payments).

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